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There are several ways you can generate lifelong passive income with the Nutraneering products you see on this site:

Social Media Influencers: Nutraneering has a new program that social media influencers and others may use to generate truly passive income for life.  The program uses a third party service to track how effective you are at influencing your followers to purchase and repurchase our fine products.  This third party provides 100% transparency to you and to Nutraneering. It generates a unique discount code you may give to your followers so they receive a 15% discount on every purchase they make on nutraneering.com AND a unique affiliate link your followers may use – which they will want to use after you sell them on one or more of Nutraneering’s products (MediPLATINUM*, MediGOLD®, MediSILVER®, MediCOPPER®, MediDINE™, SpaSILVER™, and VegWASH™.

For everyone who uses your unique Nutraneering discount code, you will receive an affiliate rate of 5% on every sale with a $5 minimum – also paid on reorders. For example, if an order is placed using your discount code or affiliate link for $24.90, then you will receive $5 and not just $1.25.

If you are interested, please use this Contact Form to enroll in this program.

* coming in 2024