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The continuation of this tutorial will show how to position an image by aligning it to the right, wrapping text around the left side of the image so that the image does not sit on its own.

Although I’m eschewing the use of “greeking” text for the sake of being indexed by Google, I’m also going to have to be careful not to use the same text from the first example above in this second example — because that would definitely look like spam to Google, i.e., putting the same words on a page or series of pages just to boost my keyword count.

Here is the code you need to wrap text around an image like you see in the second example above. Open the Code editing window (click on the “Code” tab next to the “Visual” tab in the Dashboard editing window underneath the Post/Page Title). Find the “img” tag for the image you want to run text around. Insert the code below as shown. Don’t forget to click on Save or Publish.