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Colloidal Gold

Effect of colloidal metallic Gold on cognitive functions: A pilot study – A technical paper by Abraham, G. E., McReynolds, S. A., & Dill, J. S. Frontier Perspectives (1998), 7(2), 39-41.

Finding Cancer Using Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles – A February 5th, 2010 Emory University YouTube posting on Colloidal Gold nanoparticles are coupled with Raman scattering and microtechnology in a new project that uses nanotechnology to identify cancer cells

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles – A technical paper in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series written by authors Nguyen Ngoc Long, Le Van Vu, Chu Dinh Kiem, Sai Cong Doanh, Cao Thi Nguyet, Pham Thi Hang, Nguyen Duy Thien and Luu Manh Quynh documenting how colloidal Gold nanoparticles (spheres) were prepared from HAuCl4 containing aqueous solution by using X-ray irradiation and by a chemical reduction method

Colloidal Gold: Properties and Applications – A write up by Sigma-Aldrich on the optical and electrical properties of colloidal Gold as well as the applications for colloidal Gold 

Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rationale for the Use of Colloidal Metallic Gold – A scientific study by Guy E. Abraham and Peter B. Himmel appearing in the 1997, Vol. 7, No. 4 , Pages 295-305 of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Colloidal Gold in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – A technical paper by Peter B. Himmel, Jorge D. Flechas and Guy E. Abraham on the clinical use of colloidal Gold to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis published 

Colloidal Gold as a Drug/Gene Delivery System – A scientific study by Cytimmune Sciences, Inc. about how colloidal Gold is being used as a commercially sound drug/gene delivery system that allows the delivery of drugs and gene fragments that would otherwise cause a strong toxicological response if not bound to colloidal Gold.

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