VegWASH Scented Fruit & Vegetable Wash (Just Add Water to make 16 Fl Oz) in Plastic Spray Bottle


16 fluid ounce capacity spray bottle containing one (1) fluid ounce of Nutraneering’s VegWASH Concentrate – to which 15 fluid ounces of rain, distilled, or soft water must be added. VegWASH Concentrate is made from cleaners which are derived by saponifying pure certified organic coconut and olive oils. Hempseed oil is added. Subtly scented with certified organic tea tree and lemongrass oils which wash entirely off produce – leaving no scent. The pH is adjusted with all natural citric acid and the entire product is preserved with all natural Vitamin E. In its diluted, regular strength form, this product has been laboratory tested & proven to safely and effectively remove dirt, pesticides, mold, bacteria, viruses, waxes, fungi, herbicides & other undesirables from the nutrient dense skin of fruits & vegetables significantly better than rinsing alone. Leaves no noticeable aftertaste – so that the true complex & subtle flavors of fruits & vegetables can be enjoyed – as nature intended! We challenge you to find a safer, more wholesome and more effective fruit & vegetable wash than this one when diluted as instructed. This bottle can be refilled using Nutraneering’s VegWASH concentrate which is less than $0.08 per fluid ounce once diluted…a true savings on a terrific product!  100% biodegradable.

  • Why pay for water and for the cost to ship water? Just add water to this concentrate to make 16 Fl Oz of full strength!
  • 100% All Natural; uses saponified certified organic olive and coconut oils
  • Subtly conditioned with certified organic hempseed oil
  • pH adjusted with Citric Acid and preserved with all natural Vitamin E
  • Subtly scented with certified organic tea tree and lemongrass oils
  • Contains no animal based products – entirely Vegan
  • Contains no foaming agents (such as SLS), phosphates, or detergents
  • Contains no phosphates
  • 100% Biodegradable

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 22 cm