MediSILVER CLEAR Ionic “Colloidal” Silver – 5 Gallons


MediSILVER® CLEAR has been a trusted brand of ionic “colloidal” Silver across the globe for close to a decade now. It is made and bottled using FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) by Nutraneering™ in their FDA registered facility in Irvine, California on Technology Drive – right next to some of the greatest biotech companies in the world. Production, FDA documentation and Quality Control are overseen by a Biochemist and former Research Scientist at NASA’s Water and Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L.) in building 37 (the Life Sciences Building) at the LBJ Space Center – Houston. Like all other clear colloidal Silver products, MediSILVER® CLEAR is not truly colloidal Silver, but is an ionic Silver solution where the Silver ions are dissolved in the water rather than colloidally dispersed. The Silver ions in MediSILVER® CLEAR are made from 99.99+% pure Silver – which is much purer than Sterling Silver (92.50% pure Silver). Purity is critical as the impurities in Silver (the 7.50 %) can include Lead, Arsenic, Cyanide, Hexavalent Chromium, and Mercury. MediSILVER® CLEAR consists of pure Silver ions that are dissolved in pure pharmaceutical grade water; no chloride ions are present. MediSILVER® CLEAR is a slightly bitter-metallic, odorless, clear liquid. The ions in MediSILVER® CLEAR are, by definition, only one (1) Silver atom in size and are 100% bio-available. Unlike true colloidal mineral supplements, MediSILVER® CLEAR is supposed to be clear (like pure water) and can be allowed to freeze. MediSILVER® CLEAR is perfectly safe to consume as a dietary mineral supplement. Take MediSILVER® CLEAR as directed; taking more is not likely to yield any additional benefit. Nutraneering™ does not spend much money advertising MediSILVER® CLEAR – we do not have to. This huge savings is passed along to the consumer in the form of a lower price. You can find more expensive, more heavily advertised premium traditional true colloidal Silvers, but we are confident that you will not find one better – at any price. You here purchasing 5 US gallons of MediSILVER® CLEAR in a BPA-free plastic PETE carboy or cubetainer that is triple sealed for your protection.

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  • 5 US Gallon MediSILVER CLEAR Ionic “colloidal” Silver; Doctor Trusted certified
  • 99.99+% pure ionic Silver in pure pharmaceutical grade water
  • 20 ppm concentration contains the world’s smallest bio-available Silver particles
  • Average particle less than 0.3 nanometers (nm) for maximum bio-availability
  • Contains ONLY Silver and water – no color or potentially dangerous proteins have been added
  • Made with the highest purity ingredients to ensure safety and long shelf life
  • 5 gallons in an FDA compliant, BPA-free translucent HDPE F-style carboy – double sealed for your protection
  • Made to exacting specifications and bottled by an FDA registered facility