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MediCOPPER® Blood Booster True Colloidal Copper CuNP Nutrient Supports Blood Health for Improved Red Blood and White Blood Cell Production: 1 Gallon in a Clear Glass Jug





DESCRIPTION: This is 5 US Gallons of MediCOPPER® Blood Booster true colloidal Copper CuNP nutrient in a BPA-free Cubetainer with a built-in handle for convenient lifting. MediCOPPER Blood Booster is 99.99+% pure Copper NanoParticles (CuNPs) colloidally suspended and dispersed in pure pharmaceutical grade sterile water. MediCOPPER is a true colloidal Copper which means it is 100% elemental Copper with no ionic Copper, Copper salts or Copper proteins. The CuNPs in MediCOPPER have the smallest Copper nanoparticle size – averaging just a few Copper atoms – less than 3.0 nm in size; this equates to the highest NanoParticle Surface Area (NPSA) which provides the highest bioavailability of any true colloidal Copper product. MediCOPPER is non-toxic (see Safety Data Sheet) and perfectly safe to consume daily in perpetuity as a dietary Copper nutritional supplement. MediCOPPER does not require refrigeration after opening and has an infinite shelf life if stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

  • Promotes improved blood health which includes increased red and white blood cell production (details on each below)
  • Copper NanoParticles (CuNPs) are made from 99.99+% pure Copper for maximum purity; no ionic Copper; no Copper salts, no added color, no added flavor, no preservatives, no sweetener, no gluten, no calories (see PURITY below)
  • Non-toxic, Made in the USA, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Halal, Kosher, Fair Trade, GMO free, gluten free, sugar free, and calorie free (see SAFETY below)
  • Smallest average Copper nanoparticle size of less than 3.0 nm means the highest Copper nanoparticle surface area (NPSA) and bioavailability for maximum intestinal absorption (see EFFECTIVENESS below)
  • MediCOPPER® was engineered over 12 years ago by our Biochemist and former NASA scientist (more below) and is made, tested, inspected and bottled in the USA for maximum safety – MediCOPPER has become a trusted brand globally (see TRUST below)
  • Unopened containers of MediCOPPER have an infinite shelf life if stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight
  • This 5 US Gallons Cubetainer contains over 1,260 adult servings of MediCOPPER; each serving provides 300 μg (0.3 mg) of 99.99+% pure Copper in the form of 100% bioavailable Copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) which is 17% of the RDA for dietary Copper
  • Shipping is free within the USA – including AK, HI and all US territories. Shipping is available outside the USA.

You are purchasing 1 US Gallon (128 Fl Oz) of MediCOPPER® Blood Booster true colloidal Copper CuNP nutritional supplement in a new unopened clear glass jug  factory triple sealed for your protection. 

YOUR NEED: In a 2016 online article by dailyscience.com entitled “Copper is the key to burning fat”, they reference a survey which revealed that only 25% of the US population consumes the needed amount of dietary Copper per day estimated to be adequate by the US Food and Nutritional Board of the National Academy of Sciences. This means 75% of the US (you included?) is Copper deficient. Copper supplementation produces healthier blood which produces healthier cells via not only an increased ability to flow easily to carry oxygen to the cells throughout the body via healthy red blood cells, but to also carry away toxins such as carbon dioxide, and to fight off infections as well via a healthy number of white blood cells. Healthier cells in aggregate produce: improved overall health; improved gland, organ, and bone function (all made of cells); reduction in health related issues; a sense of well-being (ease); more vitality; a longer life, and much more.

According to Mount Sinai International, Copper “helps your body make red blood cells” (mountsinai.org/health-library/supplement/copper). The University of Rochester Medical Center, states that “Copper helps form hemoglobin” and “Copper deficiency can lead to low white blood cell count” (https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/copper). Article 288165 in Medical News Today entitled “Health benefits and risks of Copper” states that “effects of Copper deficiency include anemia”. According to Mount Sinai Health System in New York, Copper also helps form collagen and connective tissue (and thus could work synergistically with MediSILICA™ Collagen Booster in this regard) and Copper may also act as an antioxidant, reducing free radicals that can damage cells and DNA. These sources are just a small sampling of the hundred of papers and articles that document how dietary Copper not only boosts blood health, but has many other health benefits as well.

You need more dietary Copper if you suffer from any of the symptoms of Copper deficiency which include “fatigue and weakness, frequent sickness, weak and brittle bones, problems with memory and learning, difficulty walking, sensitivity to cold, pale skin, premature gray hair, vision loss” according to the Healthline article entitled 9 Signs and Symptoms of Copper Deficiency. The Merck Manual lists the following due to Copper deficiency: “fatigue and weakness due to a decreased number of red blood cells (anemia) and sometimes an increased risk of infections due to a decreased number of white blood cells. Sometimes, osteoporosis develops or nerves are damaged. Nerve damage can cause tingling and loss of sensation in the feet and hands. Muscles may feel weak. Some people become confused, irritable, and mildly depressed. Coordination is impaired.”

YOUR SOLUTION: For over a decade, users of MediCOPPER® have repeatedly reported improved issues associated with blood health. MediCOPPER Blood Booster true colloidal Copper CuNP nutritional supplement was engineered by Biochemist and former NASA scientist Michael Miller (see SAFETY below) to maximize the health benefits of the metal Copper on your overall health and well being by safely and effectively supplying you with 17% of the adult RDA of dietary Copper – boosting your blood for healthy red blood cell production and function while simultaneously maintaining a healthy white blood cell count to help keep your immune system healthy; for additional support for your immune system, please check out MediSILVER® Immunity Boosters. Over a couple months of taking just a tablespoon (15 mL) of MediCOPPER Blood Booster per day, the increase in your overall health should begin to manifest over time as you reach the point where you are no longer Copper deficient. From that point forward, continue taking MediCOPPER each day to maintain proper dietary Copper levels.

PURITY: The Copper NanoParticles (CuNPs) in MediCOPPER® Blood Booster are made from 99.99+% pure Copper – this is much more pure than “pure” Copper which may only be 90% to 99.0 pure (max). Purity is critical as the impurities in less pure Copper (the 1.0% to 10.0 %) can include toxic harmful contaminants (Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, etc.). The CuNPs in MediCOPPER have a purity of 99.99+% at a safe and effective concentration of 10 parts per million (ppm) of elemental, non-ionic Copper which provides 17% of the adult RDA for Copper.

SAFETY: Nutraneering’s MediCOPPER® Blood Booster is perfectly safe to use daily in perpetuity as a dietary Copper nutritional supplement. Copper is not toxic, not ionic, not reactive and Copper is not a toxic heavy metal. No negative side effects or reactions related to using MediCOPPER have ever been reported globally; its been 12+ years and counting so far. MediCOPPER utilizes the proven power of 99.99+% pure colloidal Copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) in a nutritional supplement that was engineered by Michael Miller in 2012 as an addition to Nutraneering’s line of ultra-high purity nutritional supplements (MediPLATINUM™ Gut Booster, MediGOLD® Brain Booster, MediSILVER® Immunity Boosters (AMBER, BLACK, CLEAR), MediCOPPER® Blood Booster, MediDINE™ Thyroid Booster and MediSILICA™ Collagen Booster). Mr. Miller is a Biochemist and a former NASA scientist at NASA’s LBJ Space Center (Houston), Building 37 (Life Sciences Building) in the Water And Food Analytical Laboratory (WAFAL); he founded Nutraneering in 2011 and currently serves as the CEO of Nutraneering Incorporated – a California corporation. MediCOPPER Blood Booster is manufactured, lab tested, bottled and inspected to ensure quality and safety in Nutraneering’s FDA registered and audited facility in Irvine, California (USA).

EFFECTIVENESS: When it comes to Copper NanoParticles (CuNPs), absorption matters. The CuNPs in MediCOPPER® Blood Booster are ultra-pure with the smallest nanoparticle size on the market (see test tube color comparison image included in this listing); this yields the highest surface area, bioavailability and intestinal absorption biochemically possible – for maximum effectiveness. Bioavailability measures the extent to which a nutrient (including needed metals) can be used by cells in the body. The CuNPs in MediCOPPER are 100% bioavailable and have superior absorption due to their tiny size. No other true colloidal Copper nutritional supplement in the marketplace provides higher safety and effectiveness (absorption and bioavailability) than MediCOPPER does.

TRUST: For over 12 years, MediCOPPER® by Nutraneering has been a trusted brand of true colloidal Copper CuNP nutritional supplement across the globe. Our satisfied MediCOPPER customers can be found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Scotland, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Croatia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. MediCOPPER is Fair Trade, Made in the USA, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, BPA-Free, Sugar Free, Halal, Kosher, and has zero calories.

DIRECTIONS: MediCOPPER® Blood Booster is non-toxic and perfectly safe to consume daily in perpetuity as a dietary Copper nutritional supplement. Taking MediCOPPER as directed provides 17% of the adult RDA for Copper, but the RDA is a minimum and your adult body may require more – so do your own research. Each adult serving (1 Tbsp / 15 mL) provides 150 µg (0.15 mg) which is 17% of the adult RDA for dietary Copper. For 100% of the adult RDA for dietary Copper, see MediCOPPER® Plus (aka MediCOPPER+) Blood Booster which provides 900 µg (0.9 mg) which is 100% of the adult RDA for dietary Copper. Each child (4+ yrs) serving (1 Tsp / 5 mL) provides 50 µg (0.05 mg) of dietary Copper. MediCOPPER should be taken on an empty stomach to maximize absorption in the gastro-intestinal tract. Wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking. Unopened, sealed bottles of MediCOPPER have a proven shelf life of 12+ years. Once received, just store MediCOPPER at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

CAUTION: If nursing, pregnant, in poor health or allergic to Copper, please consult a physician before using (preferably a naturopathic physician and not an allopathic corporate controlled physician). Your body needs ultra-pure elemental, non-ionic, bioavailable dietary Copper such as that provided by the 99.99+% pure CuNPs in MediCOPPER and MediCOPPER Plus; supplying it with ionic (reactive) Copper will not meet this need and you should avoid ionic Copper supplements.

FREE SHIPPING: Shipping is free within the USA – including AK, HI and all US territories.

NOTE: Providing your blood with CuNPs by taking MediCOPPER Blood Booster daily will likely not start to have a noticeable effect until doing so for 30 to 90 days; even then, it will be subtle, but it is definitely a preventative health measure. After 30 days, start to see if your: overall sense of well being (ease) improves; energy and vitality improves; breathing improves; ability to ward off infections improves. Look for evidence that the health of your red and white blood cells have improved. We would like to hear your story.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Nutraneering Incorporated makes no claims or promises as to the health benefits of its nutritional supplements. Consequences of dietary, topical or other use of any Nutraneering Incorporated product are the sole responsibility of the customer. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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