500 mL of MediDINE 60ppm Nascent Iodine (No Chemicals) in BPA-Free Clear Plastic Bottle


  • Elemental monatomic Iodine, not ionic iodide
  • Stable colloidal suspension of 99.9+% pure Iodine in water
  • Made, tested and bottled in an FDA registered and audited facility
  • 100% bioavailable, monatomic Iodine
  • MediDINE is photosensitive and thus comes in an amber bottle

MediDINE is 100% bio-available, 99.9+% pure monatomic Nascent Iodine (non-ionic) colloidally suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water. MediDINE is unparalleled in its ability to potentially help, support, and saturate the thyroid with Iodine for optimal functioning. MediDINE is not typical toxic Iodine found in its denser state as an antiseptic, added to Potassium Iodide (a salt of Potassium and ionic Iodide, not elemental Iodine), or found in Iodine trichloride (chlorine suppresses the thyroid and is found in our tap water). MediDINE is also unlike prescriptions containing hormones that are meant to do some of the job of the thyroid instead of giving the thyroid the nutrition it needs to build itself up and function properly. Dietary sources of Iodine may not have the levels of Iodine needed by a malfunctioning thyroid, but a single dose of PureDINE has 501% of the FDA established RDA for Iodine. Contains zero chemicals.