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Nutraneering’s Liquid Supplements Are Far Better Than Pills

Nutraneering's Liquid Supplements are far superior to pills! Here's Why:

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Nutraneering Incorporated engineers, manufactures, tests and bottles nano-technology based nutraceutical products including colloidal dietary supplements (MediGOLD®, MediSILVER® AMBER, MediSILVER® BLACK, MediSILVER® CLEAR, MediCOPPER®, and MediDINE™) that are 100% bio-available and made with 99.99+% pure metals existing as nano-particles colloidaly dispersed in pure pharmaceutical grade water. These are far superior to dietary supplements in pill form as proven by the facts relating to our purity, safety, effectiveness, ingredients, manufacturing, cost and trust.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements call out the purity of the metals in our supplements and have a purity of 99.99+% as harmless, unreactive yet bio-available metal nanoparticles, not dangerous metal compounds or metal salts. Pills have a purity that is not called out and may only be 90% (maybe less) – leaving the other 10+% in the metal as an unknown that could include lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, or other toxic metals.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements have metals with a stated purity of 99.99+% (see above) which are far safer to consume than pills with unstated metal purity; would they buy cheaper, less pure metals to make more of a profit? Furthermore, a liquid will never get stuck in your throat as pills, often too large, do. No one has ever choked on a liquid supplement.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements have 99.99+% pure nanoparticles that are so small they are 100% bio-available and can absorb through the mouth, through the throat, through the walls of the stomach and even absorb further down the digestive tract. The nanoparticles in Nutraneering’s liquid supplements are so small they easily pass across the blood brain barrier. No one knows what the size of the metals are in pill supplements as it is never stated; it is an unknown if they are absorbed at all as they are likely too large to be bio-available.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements only consist of a high purity metal and water. The metal is 99.99+% pure and is colloidally dispersed in pure pharmaceutical grade water. Pills on the other hand have many nefarious additives which include cheap anti-caking agents, fillers (like talc), preservatives, stabilizers, and other ingredients of unknown purity you probably have never heard of and would not want to be consuming if you looked them up. Just read the ingredients. How many of the ingredients in pills cause allergic reactions?

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements are manufactured in the USA in Irvine, CA in our FDA registered and audited facility using FDA Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMPs ) and you can pour out our supplements to see the clarity and purity. Many sellers of supplement pills buy them from overseas in places like China, India, Southeast Asia so you have no clue what the quality is or how or in what conditions they were made before being shipped to a seller in the US who puts the pills in their packaging and slaps their label on the product.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements are expensive; it is costly for us to safely produce quality, but we would rather apologize for the price than apologize for a lack of quality and/or safety.

Nutraneering’s liquid supplements (MediGOLD®, MediSILVER®, MediCOPPER®, MediDINE™) have been trusted brands across the globe over for well over a decade now. Please order and consume with confidence.