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MediSILVER:Also available as MediSILVER AMBER (traditional colloidal Silver) and MediSILVER BLACK (true colloidal Silver)

Quality: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Current Good Manufacturing Practice

Safety: MediSILVER CLEAR is non-toxic (see MSDS) and comes in glass or BPA free plastic bottles

Effectiveness: Bio-Available / Bio-ActiveTestimonials, In the News, Scientific Studies


Available in250 mL clear BPA-Free PLASTIC or GLASS bottle, 500 mL clear BPA-Free PLASTIC or GLASS bottle, 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon BPA-Free PLASTIC Container

Quality     Each batch of MediSILVER CLEAR is made using Written Procedures as required to satisfy FDA guidelines relating to Current Good Manufacturing Practice in manufacturing, packaging, labeling, or holding operations for dietary supplements. This ensures consistency from batch to batch and that the testing metrics fall within the established quality parameters for particle size, concentration, color, clarity and volume. The quality and consistency of every bottle of MediSILVER CLEAR is guaranteed with Nutraneering’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Safety     MediSILVER CLEAR is ionic “colloidal” Silver, but MediSILVER is also available as MediSILVER AMBER (traditional colloidal Silver) and MediSILVER BLACK (true colloial Silver). Traditional colloidal Silver consists of clusters of Silver atoms as nanoparticles colloidally suspended in water. Traditional Silver is totally safe to consume; it is harmless to the body as it is usually too large to be bio-available and is thus is not bio-active – just passing through after ingestion. Traditional colloidal Silver consists of small clusters of Silver atoms, called nanoparticles, with a collective electrical charge; if the Silver nanoparticles are small enough, their charge allows them to stay colloidally suspended in water. If the nanoparticle size is very small, as with the case of MediSILVER CLEAR, the Silver is bio-available. Silver is not a heavy metal, but caution should be exercised so that too much is not ingested at once, or over a long period of time. Every bottle of MediSILVER CLEAR is triple sealed for your protection and for freshness.

MediSILVER CLEAR consists of small nanoparticles of 99.99+% pure Silver colloidally suspended in pure water. These nanoparticles are small enough to be absorbed and utilized – providing a great source of dietary Silver as a mineral supplement. It has been proven that the human body requires trace amounts of Silver just as it requires trace amounts of other metals / minerals. Ideally, this trace dietary Silver would come from produce that pulled it from the trace amounts of Silver nanoparticles found in rich soil. A combination of our modern diet (too low in raw produce) and overworked farmland (too low in trace minerals small enough to be taken up by the roots of produce) has created dietary related health problems that are not entirely known at this point. In the case of Silver, what are the symptoms of a person who has been chronically deprived of the proper amount of Silver in their diet? Since Nutraneering makes no claims or promises as to the health benefits of its mineral supplements such as MediSILVER CLEAR, we can only offer the testimonials of those who have used MediSILVER CLEAR and have reported their experiences. These testimonials range from those that say they experienced nothing different at all (not Silver deficient? did not take MediSILVER CLEAR for a long enough duration?) to those that make extraordinary claims.

Warnings R1Contraindications
: Do not consume MediSILVER CLEAR if you are allergic to Silver, in poor health, possibly pregnant or nursing. Use only as directed. Not for prolonged use.