Product Line Display Photo PNGutraneering engineers, manufactures, markets and sells nano-technology based nutraceutical products; these include bio-available, nano-particle mineral colloids (MediGOLD®, MediSILVER®AMBER, MediSILVER®BLACK, MediSILVER®CLEAR, MediCOPPER®, SpaSILVER® & FountSILVER®), and nano-emulsions (MediCARBON®, VegWASH®, Carpet 7x®, CaliSCRUB® and SafeTASTE®). Our products are made using proprietary processes – some of which were first developed in the Water & Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L) in building 37 at NASA’s LBJ Space Center (aka “Houston”) by our founder – who oversees our quality control program. We may have to apologize for the price, but we will never have to apologize for the safety or quality of our products. These products are made to exacting specifications with only the finest ingredients available (such as 99.99+% pure Gold, Silver or Copper; pure pharmaceutical grade water, BPA-free or glass containers, and certified organic oils). No color is ever added to any of our brilliantly colorful products. Since 2010, our brands have earned the trust of consumers all over the globe – and are now Doctor Trusted® certified. We are the manufacturer and offer wholesale pricing on any of our products including bulk 1, 5 and 55 gallon sizes; we also offer retail pricing on all of our products sold here on this website – as well as on Amazon USA and Amazon UK/EU. Free shipping is available on all products either directly here on our eCommerce site – or on Amazon. We’re not on Bay. Your purchase is secure; our site has an extended validation SSL certificate as indica