Free bottle, no strings attached, of VegWASH concentrate to our Twitter followers and Facebook fans

For a limited time, Nutraneering, the California based manufacturer of several holistic metal, mineral and botanical products such as MediGOLD, MediSILVER, VegWASH, SpaSILVER, FountSILVER, SpaSCRUB and more, is giving out a free one (1) fluid ounce bottle of VegWASH unscented fruit & vegetable wash concentrate to all of our wonderful Twitter followers and Facebook fans  – we even pay for the shipping!  VegWASH is an all-natural, vegan fruit and vegetable wash concentrate made from cleaners derived from certified organic plant extracts and is preserved with Vitamin E.  This one (1) fluid ounce free sample is a concentrate that needs to be added to 15 fluid ounces (for a spray), or 1 gallon (for a rinse/soak), of rain, distilled, deionized (DI), or reverse osmosis (RO) water (not tap water or water containing minerals).  VegWASH is laboratory tested and proven to safely and effectively remove dirt, dust, pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, insect & animal droppings, bacteria, viruses and other undesirables from nonporous produce – significantly better than rinsing alone.  When used as instructed, VegWASH completely rinses away, leaving no noticeable smell or aftertaste so that the true, complex and subtle flavors of your fruits and vegetables are enjoyed as nature intended!  There is not a safer or more effective fruit & vegetable spray / rinse / soak concentrate on the market.  To get your free sample, send us an e-mail requesting this sample to:  Your e-mail will need to include your “ship to” address and your Twitter or Facebook usernames so we can confirm you are following Nutraneering on Twitter, or have liked us on Facebook.  We at Nutraneering plan on similar free giveaways each quarter, so please continue to stay connected. This offer expires December 31, 2015.