MediGOLD® is true colloidal Gold (no chemicals, ions or salt) – other is TOXIC! That’s right – the 200 ppm salty tasting colloidal Gold contains toxic Gold chloride and toxic metals! Please read: The 200 ppm, salty tasting brand may have 200 ppm of Gold in it, but the salty taste, high pH, biological growth problems, resistance to freezing, smallest average Gold particle size, greatest range of particle size, hazy red (with a blue hue) color, and 60 ppm (instead [...]


Free bottle, no strings attached, of VegWASH concentrate to our Twitter followers and Facebook fans

For a limited time, Nutraneering, the California based manufacturer of several holistic metal, mineral and botanical products such as MediGOLD, MediSILVER, VegWASH, SpaSILVER, FountSILVER, SpaSCRUB and more, is giving out a free one (1) fluid ounce bottle of VegWASH unscented fruit & vegetable wash concentrate to all of our wonderful Twitter followers and Facebook fans  – we even pay for the shipping!  VegWASH is an all-natural, vegan fruit and vegetable wash concentrate made from cleaners derived from certified organic [...]