MediGOLD® is True Colloidal Gold – No Chemicals, Ions or Salts

MediGOLD® is the safest, highest quality, colloidal Gold supplement on the market. It was developed by Biochemist Michael Miller while working for NASA at the LBJ Space Center in the Life Sciences Building #37 in the Water and Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L). It is made from 99.997+% pure Gold metal (far more pure than 24 Karat Gold) colloidally suspended in sterile distilled water. MediGOLD contains 0.00% chemicals – certainly no Hydrogen-tetrachloroaurate (or any other form of Gold chloride), Cinnamaldehyde, etc. MediGOLD does not contain Gold ions, salts of any kind, or any toxic metals. MediGOLD also does not contain any color additives.

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MediGOLD Features at a Glance

Made in an FDA Facility

MediGOLD is made in an FDA Registered and Audited facility using FDA GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). Nutraneering makes MediGOLD using exact specifications to ensure that each batch is consistent and retains its signature ruby red color and the highest quality available.

MediGOLD is BPA Free

MediGOLD is only sold in BPA Free plastic or glass bottles, jugs, or containers and only otherwise comes in contact with glass when during the manufacturing process.

The Smallest Nano-Particle Size

MediGOLD has the smallest nano-particle size available (non-ionic of course). It allows MediGOLD to not only be absorbed through digestion, but also allows it to pass across the blood-brain barrier.

MediGOLD Has a Long Shelf Life

We will gladly replace any unopened bottle of MediGOLD that goes bad before its expiration date.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

We ensure that your purchase is risk free. If you are not satisfied, please email or call us to arrange a return and either a replacement or a refund. We will gladly cover the shipping.

A Safe 20ppm Concentration

Keeping MediGOLD's concentration at 20ppm not only prevents too much of a good thing, but it also keeps the size of the Gold nano-particles to a minimum for optimal absorption into the body.

MediGOLD Bottles are Triple Sealed

MediGOLD bottles arrive to the customer triple sealed for their protection. Each bottle opening is heat sealed with a foil liner, capped tightly, and enclosed in a "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" tamper evident shrink seal band.

MediGOLD is Not Photo-Sensitive

MediGOLD is not photo-sensitive and does not need to be kept in a tinted bottle and does not need to be stored in a dark place.

MediGOLD is In Stock

Not just here on, but also you will find it available on eBay and Amazon. Prime Members rejoice! Our MediGOLD 500mL is now Amazon's Choice and both the 500 and 250mL sizes are eligible for free Amazon Prime Shipping all across the US!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is available here on for all orders over $50! MediGOLD as well as other products are eligible for Free Shipping on Amazon and eBay as well.

MediGOLD may not be for you if...

You Are (or may be) Allergic to Gold

If you ever have been diagnosed as being allergic to Gold, or have ever developed itching, redness, rashes, hives, or eczema due to wearing or coming in contact with Gold, do not take MediGOLD until you consult your doctor. Often times, traces of Nickel in Gold jewelry can be the cause of the allergic reaction and not the Gold. Immediately stop taking MediGOLD if you experience any adverse effects.

You are in Poor Health

If your health is in such a poor state that you are under a doctor's care, or if you even suspect that you are in poor health, then please consult your doctor before taking any new substance including MediGOLD. Immediately stop taking MediGOLD if you experience any adverse effects.

You are or may be Pregnant

Although there is no known study that colloidal Gold is harmful or safe for a developing fetus, we do not recommend that you take MediGOLD if you are or could be expecting. In addition, if there is a chance the baby could be allerigic to Gold even if the mother is not. If you are or could be pregnant, please consult your doctor before taking MediGOLD.

You are Nursing or under 4 Years Old

Although there is no known study that colloidal Gold harms infants or small children, there is also no known study that proves colloidal Gold is 100% safe for them either. There is also a chance that the child could be allergic to Gold. If you are nursing or have children under 4 years of age, please consult a doctor before taking MediGOLD yourself or giving MediGOLD to your children.



MediGOLD is to be used as a mineral supplement only. Please take MediGOLD only as directed. MediGOLD is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, ailments or sicknesses. Nutraneering Incorporated does not make any health claims as to what effects MediGOLD has on the body, nor are they responsible for any health claims made by their customers. Please consult your doctor before taking MediGOLD. MediGOLD is intended for human consumption only. Please consult your Veterinarian before administering MediGOLD to your pets.

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