MediGOLD® is true colloidal Gold (no chemicals, ions or salt) – other is TOXIC!

That’s right – the 200 ppm salty tasting colloidal Gold contains toxic Gold chloride and toxic metals! Please read:

The 200 ppm, salty tasting brand may have 200 ppm of Gold in it, but the salty taste, high pH, biological growth problems, resistance to freezing, smallest average Gold particle size, greatest range of particle size, hazy red (with a blue hue) color, and 60 ppm (instead of 200 ppm) colorimetric problem are all due to their using the “Gold electrodes in salt water” method to make their product (the hydrolysis process does not work with Gold in pure water alone, as it does with Silver, Copper, etc. – so they have to increase the conductivity of the water by adding a salt, but not necessarily Sodium chloride aka “salt”). If this was a safe method, we would use it, but it produces toxic Gold chloride! Here’s how:

The “Gold electrodes in salt water” method produces much more Gold ions (single Gold atoms missing an outer electron) than Gold nanoparticles (clusters of a few Gold atoms with all of their electrons intact) and causes the product to taste salty – like “flavorless Gatorade” (to quote one review on Amazon); and, though 200 ppm, it looks like only 60 ppm (at best) of Gold nanoparticles; why? Because the other 140 ppm of Gold they swear is in their product exists as colorless, dangerous, reactive Gold ions. This is why they boast that they have the “smallest average nanoparticle size” – because when the size of the single atom Gold ions are factored in, it makes their AVERAGE particle size much smaller than their Gold nanoparticles actually are. This is why they claim to have the “greatest range of particle size” because it is from single atom size Gold ions to very large Gold nanoparticles that are not even bioavailable (the ones that add a blue hue to their cloudy red product). The Gold ions are indeed bio-available, but are toxic! Here’s why:

These colorless Gold ions exist in their product along with the Gold nanoparticles – which produce the red (bioavailable) to blue (not bioavailable) colors. These Gold ions combine with the Chloride ions from the salt (and from the Hydrochloric acid in the stomach) to produce Gold chloride – a known and dangerous neurotoxin!

The salty tasting product (made using the “Gold electrodes in salt water” method) boasts that it uses 24 Karat Gold (and assumes it is 99.99+% pure Gold metal), but 24 Karat Gold metal is only 99.9% pure (at best) and the metals making up the 00.1% are toxic – metals like Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead. These metals build up in your body (never being eliminated as other metals are) and the delayed effects of these metals on your body will get worse with time and can’t be reversed; again, you will continue to pay the price long after these other products are banned from sale at some point by the FDA.

Best True Colloidal Gold

MediGOLD® has a safe neutral (6.8 – 7.2) pH. The salty tasting brand has a high pH (a byproduct of hydrolysis with Gold electrodes in salt water) which is a haven for bacterial growth. The bio-masses floating around in their bottles are not “precipitated Gold” (which would sink) as they desperately try to explain away on Amazon, eBay and their website.

A true 200 ppm colloidal Gold, when made correctly, looks like the 200 ppm made by Sirius Metals; it is a deep, deep red that is so concentrated it almost looks black and blocks out light when it is back lit. A true colloidal Gold (such as MediGOLD®, Mesogold®, or Sirius Metals) consists of truly bioavailable Gold nanoparticles – colloidally suspended in pure water. This suspension is somewhat fragile and will collapse if the liquid is frozen. The fact that the 200 ppm salty tasting product claims it is somewhat unaffected by freezing is yet another red flag. Freezing does not affect Gold ions (which are not colloidally suspended in water, but are actually dissolved – and remain so even after freezing) and salt water has a much lower freezing point than pure water.

MediGOLD®, a safe 20 ppm true colloidal Gold, was developed by a biochemist while working for NASA at the LBJ Space Center (aka Houston) in the Life Sciences Building #37 in the Water and Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L); it contains 0.00% chemicals – certainly no Hydrogen-tetrachloroaurate (or any other form of Gold chloride), Cinnamaldehyde, etc.; it does not contain Gold ions, salt of any kind, or toxic metals. No color is added. It is made from more expensive 99.997+% pure Gold metal (much more pure than 24 Karat Gold). MediGOLD® is the safest, most effective, dietary Gold supplement on the market.

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Review of Medigold colloidal from Nutraneering …“lt actually keeps my 19-year old from feeling depressed. He has been diagnosed with PTSD and sees a psychiatrist who prescribes some very heavy duty meds. He is able to not take the meds (multiple side effects and brain problems), and take this instead. His Dr. is aware he has substituted this and is OK with it.”

Five star rated colloidal gold 2

First shipment of MediGOLD …“Okay I just received my first shipment. It arrived packaged very nicely and this is my first time trying this product. I have P.P. Multiple Sclerosis and was wondering if it could at all help with my symptoms. From what I’ve read Gold gets into the system pretty rapidly so I’m hoping it may help quickly as well. I will come back to post if this has helped. First tablespoon was difficult to even get up to my mouth due to my tremors.”

Update …“Well, I must say I’m doing better! I have more clarity, and my physical symptoms are not quite as bad. I must add that there have been other lifestyle changes, but this was my first step at an attempt at regaining some control over my health. More ordering to do! Oh and yes, it helps with deeper and more visual meditations! Bonus!!!”

Five star rated colloidal gold 3

It Works! …“I am more focused, sleep better, and dream more. It’s tasteless, which makes it easy to take. I will continue to take the product and will recommend it to family and friends.”

Five star rated colloidal gold 4

Great product …“I’ve only been using this colloidal Gold for a short time (2 weeks), so am still testing its effects. I have COPD and, when the bronchial area is activated – by cold, humidity, heavy particulates in the air – the alveoli go into spasm and lose their ability to exchange Oxygen and CO2; at such times, my brain becomes hypoxic, from lack of oxygen. I have noticed that my brain seems to be more clear since I’ve been taking the Gold. I’ll continue using it..”

Update …“I’m on my second bottle now, and I love it! My brain is working more effectively, and an added bonus is that my skin is tighter, more clear. This is one product that I will keep stocked in my pharmacopoeia.”

Five star rated colloidal gold 6

A must have for your medicine cabinet …“My kids and I take this along with colloidal silver on a regular basis. We have remained healthy while those around us have gotten the flu and upper respiratory illnesses. I recommend this to friends and family.”


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

Incredible …“Ok, I really hope that they never stop making this product, exactly the way it is, because the pros are: 1. It works on the brain, the dreams at night are how they used to be when I was little. Also my creativity got a “lubrication”, that is how it feels 🙂 2. After using it, my face grew a lot more collagen, bizarre and wonderful! I then started using it in my toner, and the effects are amazing! 3. It improved my skin and hair, they are much more moisturized now. 4. My joints feel much better! 5. The glass package is perfect, and the way it came in the mail, it was extremely secure and even had a mark “this way up.” I envision that gold may become a new element in the RDA daily requirements. CONS: NONE, if this product is taken within limits prescribed” – T&Vsearch.”

Five star rated colloidal gold 5

Great product!!!!! …“I purchased this product after researching the effects of gold on the pineal gland. I have been meditating for years and was looking to get a little deeper and visual in my meditations. First, the product arrived a few days after ordering in excellent condition with all seals intact. I have followed the instructions and have taken a tablespoon everyday about 20-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. After a month I must say I am seeing some results. My visualization has been better, with deeper more vibrant colors, and I have had a sense of general well being. I have just received my second bottle and will update this review in a month or so. For now, thumbs up.”

Mike Cerron

Take your game to the next level …“The stuff is incredible. Energy, good mood, concentration, higher IQ, less anxiety (especially in social situations and public speaking). One tablespoon a day is all you need. No dependency forms either.” –  Mike Cerron

Mister Jones

Quality …“Great product, been taking it in the morning and then before bed and having some very vivid dreams.” – Mister Jones


Five star rated colloidal gold 7

Excellent supplement that I cannot do without …“I reviewed this supplement on my own website on moonreaderman.com. I go into extreme detail about it there. Gold is a must for a healthy body. It helps the DNA strand to repair itself…. or ….at least this is the main reason people take it among other reasons. Take it and your mental acuity will soar.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 8

A+ … “Awesome! This stuff is amazing. The clarity of dreams I had were very vivid and easy to remember. I would buy this again. I was very skeptical at first, but it seems to work quickly.” – Poetsfriend


Five star rated colloidal gold 9

Great for you …“I’ve been supplementing gold for a long time and have really great feedback. If you ingest a lot of it, you may taste rust and/or feel the weight of the metal in you, but if you ingest the right amount it’s going to turn your neurons into superconductors. One other benefit I’ve experienced supplementing gold is when you stretch. While in the stretch, in a spot where the muscle would otherwise tear, the gold seems to seep into the muscle and keep it from tearing, while allowing it to remain malleable. We are meant to eat gold, and since it’s been stripped out of the ground and plant food through mining, I would highly suggest supplementing it.

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what is the best colloidal goldThe best colloidal gold is MediGOLD

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safest colloidal goldMediGOLD is better than Mesogold

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gallon of colloidal gold5 gallons of colloidal gold

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Wow! This is a perfect gift for yourself or others! …“I bought this for a friend of mine in Northridge, CA, who expressed his interest in taking colloidal gold. He said the 500 mL glass bottle of medigold arrived quickly from amazon, was professionally packaged and arrived undamaged. The last time I spoke with him, he had been taking it for two weeks and reported a noticed improvement in his mental clarity. He said he will definitely purchase some more after he is done with the first bottle, and thanked me.” – Ree


I’m sure like anything its subjective to each persons experience but …“Not sure how it works, but on days when I take it I feel supercharged mentally and physically. Energy levels increase and cognitive ducting feels smoother and words and thoughts flow with ease. Give a try, I’m sure like anything its subjective to each persons experience but I recommend trying it.” – Nathan

C. Gift

Thank you for a good experience …“It arrived on time and as described. Thank you for a good experience. PS – I recommend everyone look into these precious metals, and ask yourself “why they’re so valuable?”. They have a reason for being here, and it’s not for computer components and jewelry. Quick story – I had contracted a wart on my hand from a friend, and the one wart turned in to three. For over three years I tried freezing them, acid, potatoes, duct tape, etc. and nothing worked… until I used pieces of cotton soaked in colloidal silver, and covered the warts with band-aids. The largest one (about the size of a dime) had almost completely diminished in size over night, and by the end of the week, all three were completely gone, minus a small scar where the largest one was. Do your own research, everything we need is in nature.” – C. Gift

Five star rated colloidal gold 11

Fantastic …“This is great for my 8 yr old son with anxiety stress issues. I don’t trust the more brain altering doc meds for kids. This is great alternative and is helping him dramatically and no side effects.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 12

This stuff (MediGOLD) is great for meditation …“I have tried other gold products … for the cost, this stuff does everything its supposed to do without the high price … gives you a nice relaxed feeling and great sleep when you use it … also great for meditation”.

Five star rated colloidal gold 13

Fantastic …“This is good for those of us with nervous tension, as it gets rid of vata; but you have to take on empty stomach in morning when most of us desire coffee; and wait a half hour for it to kick in.” – Gauhri


Five star rated colloidal gold 14

Helped me …“This is the best colloidal gold product that I have used. I bought a bottle of the Spirols brand colloidal gold off amazon for 84.00 dollars, and this works a lot better. Also medigold did not take 3 weeks to get to my house, it only took 4 days.” – Funwheels

Five star rated colloidal gold 14

Helped me …“This is the best colloidal gold product that I have used. I bought a bottle of the Spirols brand colloidal gold off amazon for 84.00 dollars, and this works a lot better. Also medigold did not take 3 weeks to get to my house, it only took 4 days.” – Funwheels

Five star rated colloidal gold 15

Works good …“My kids have always improved in school when taking this. Sometimes we forget for weeks and we notice the difference.” – Paoluccm


Five star rated colloidal gold 16

Worked well …“love the way I felt after using this product, but it you mix it with anything it will turn your tongue deep blue. Must follow the directions on the bottle exactly.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 17

Dreams, dreams, dreams …“The bottle arrived in 2 days, but then again, I live just about in the same village of LA:-) I was very excited to get my hands on the liquid gold and try it out. The bottle that arrived was wet, but it was not leaking and the safety seals were in place, so it was probably some condense. But anyway, I opened the bottle and had my first spoonful. No taste, no smell. The very first night I had a dream (of my passed dog carrying around my TV remote control). It was so clear and real, but I was sure that I am dreaming. I talked to my dog in dream and then I made a decision to wake up. I was in control over my dream. It is something I have never experienced. Before I woke up I walked around in the house. I felt safe and everything seemed very happy. Ever since I have had dreams every night and I always feel that I control and live the dream. Most amazing feeling. The dreams are always very positive. I have been using it for a week now. Last weekend I was traveling and I skipped 2 days the gold. The dreams kept going. I did not have any specific reason to start taking the gold, just for fun. And yes, it has been a fun:-) I wonder if I should keep the bottle in the fridge or will it be OK at the room temperature in the pantry” – Lava

Update …“Now, the first bottle is empty. My skin looks and feels 20 years younger:-) magical!!! Every morning I mix a spoonful of colloidal gold with distilled water and drinking it in the gym during my workout. Couple peeps asked me about the pink stuff that I drink in the gym. I said its gold, they were confused, because its pink. It is surprising how few people know about colloidal gold. I totally see improvements in every aspect of my looks, mentality and reactions. It’s hard to describe, but it works. Also – every now and then I get at night great and clear visions of concepts. Concepts for 3 books and 2 inventions have come to me in great detail. I just have to act and make these concepts real. This is something completely new that I have never experienced before. Great ideas, just add action. I wonder if anybody else has same experience? please let me know if you do” – Lava

Five star rated colloidal gold 18

Good brand …“We have used several brands and this one is less expensive than others but, seem to produce the same benefits.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 19

Improves mood …“I can’t say from a medical or scientific perspective exactly how this works, or if there are many scientific studies behind it. however, i can definitely say it calms me down and improves overall mood rather rapidly. def recommend.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 24

Great! …“Great product, I got it for my dog, and I have seen a marked improvement in his ability to walk.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 22

Satisfied with my purchase …“A++ satisfied with my purchase, would recommend to others, will also purchase again when I run out. Have a great day.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 23

Attitude adjustment …“I was all bummed out about the world ending, Colloidal Gold set my head right… accept each day for what it is, no one can predict the future…. Very calming, helps with reasoning.”


Five star rated colloidal gold 20

30 day review …“Today is October 1, 2012 I will edit this review again in 30 days or as soon as I notice any changes. So far I took 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach have waited more than 20 minutes to eat something. It tastes like water mostly with a hint of metal flavor. The bottle label says 500 ml and 1 tablespoon = 15 ml so this will last 33.3 days. The packaging was awesome…I followed the directions on the bottle and have read many testimonials and blogs on this stuff. Ill be back…” – Elitebeast


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Five star rated colloidal gold 16

Good find …“I have tried this product for about several weeks. I have noticed that I rest better at night. Will continue to take. But I think I will order again.”


Judah Sun Imports

I’ll order it again that’s for sure! …“It definitely works!” – Judah Sun Imports


Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

Subtle, yet powerful …“This is the second bottle I have ordered of MediGOLD. I have been using various ORMUS products for the past couple of years. One day, I placed an order from ORMUS from a reputable California vendor I had ordered from previously and after two months or more and no response from said vendor, I filed a dispute on Paypal and was refunded my purchase price. After my account had been refunded I set out to buy more monoatomics, and as luck would have it, the pint of MediGOLD was on sale at the time. After doing some research, I took a chance and ordered a bottle of colloidal from this company instead. The effects were not immediately noticeable for me. I felt a slight buzz like I do with monoatomic gold – that is my head and body felt a bit lighter, but nothing too pronounced. However, after about a week or so, I noticed a slight effect on my intellect. My mind was less cluttered, I was able to focus a bit easier, and my problem solving abilities had improved dramatically. I am a computer science major, and noticed less trial and error, more creativity, and more abstract solutions presenting themselves in dealing with the many obstacles I faced while programming, especially on the final where I had to develop my own application. About halfway through the bottle, that’s when the effects really started to present themselves! Although I felt some nervous energy the first couple weeks, I slowed my consumption a bit and it reversed into a calmer, more relaxed demeanor. I was also able to express my thoughts a bit more fluently, although it wasn’t quite as effective in helping me express emotions like ORMUS does, which is probably my biggest struggle. My meditations weren’t quite as powerful as with ORMUS either. However, my reflections were about the same, but more on the level of logical reason than emotional. Overall, this product way exceeded my expectations, and in the months I have been using it, has become an invaluable tool in shaping my mind to meet the rising challenges of my education. I feel smarter, more focused, and more headstrong after using the product. After about a month and a half break, I got my shipment on the second bottle last week, and this time around I started taking this with ORMUS powder. I am anxious to see how that develops in the coming week.” – OrmusAddictAnonymous

Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

Game Changer! …“Let me preface this by saying I NEVER write reviews unless something is a game changer for me, which MediGold has been! I first heard of MediGold when I was doing research to ease PMS as it was getting increasingly worse over the years (PMDD- horrible mood & depressed 2 weeks prior to period). Apparently, MediGold is a hidden gem that vastly improves mood. I then read the reviews and was excited to give it a try. About 2 weeks in, I noticed a huge improvement in mood and feeling of overall well-being, and didn’t even notice the 2 weeks prior to my period, which are normally miserable for me. I also found I was able to focus more and was much more articulate & creative. As far as helping the immune system, I did catch a common cold that was going around, but I will be ordering another bottle for sure. I hope to continue to see the benefits of MediGold and would highly recommend this product.” – Amazon007

Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

Helps with fatigue …“I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and lately I’ve been able to get more things done than usual. I have also been able to keep an exercise routine which I normally fail to do no matter how much times I tell myself. Most times I just don’t feel I have the energy to go to the gym after work..too tired/drained but since I started using this, I’ve been able to exercise at least 4x this week. I also feel motivated, determined to keep myself healthy….So far so good hopefully there’s more to come.”

Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

5.0 out of 5 stars, I’m using ancestral medicines like Ayahuasca since years but this is different …“no words to describe the effects … I’m using ancestral medicines like Ayahuasca since years but this is different, a profound introspection, an amazing rebirth of your memories, perception and emotions…..powerful medicine.”


Five star rated colloidal gold Amazon 1

Great colloidal gold …“Before finishing the second bottle of MediGold, I noticed better clarity: mentally, physically and spiritually. I stopped craving alcohol. My skin was not sagging anymore. I overall had a feeling of well-being and peace. I then tried another product, because it had more ppm’s. I thought “more is better”. All of the benefits began to go away. I haven’t even finished that bottle. I just ordered more of this product and will stick with it. I keep it near my bed so I can have it first thing on an empty stomach. If you choose to try MediGold, I hope it helps you too.” – dkf

Ecstacy of MediGOLD® By Ennio Morricone