Affiliate Marketing Tools

After signing up as a Nutraneering Affiliate, you will be given a unique Nutraneering Affiliate number. You will need this number to get paid via deep linking of our creatives.

Please click on any product at the bottom of this page to be taken to the page containing all of its current Affiliate Program creatives. Once there, right click on any of the ads or banners and then select “Save image as” to save to your computer. From your computer, you can upload them to your site and embed your Nutraneering Affiliate URL into them so that when visitors to your site click on these and are taken to our site, you will receive your affiliate commission if they purchase anything while there. If they click on a banner for MediGOLD and wind up buying a different version of MediGOLD than what is in the banner, or if they buy any other product, you get paid. 

Your generic Nutraneering affiliate link is as follows where you put your Nutraneering Affiliate number at the end: number

Deep linking allows your visitors to be taken directly to the product seen in the ad. For deep linking, insert the red text into your generic Nutraneering affiliate link like this: number