About Nutraneering

Nutraneering Incorporated engineers, manufactures and bottles the highest purity, highest quality nutraceutical dietary mineral supplements using nanotechnology. Nutraneering was founded on January 3rd of 2011 in Irvine, California by biochemist Michael Miller and was later incorporated as Nutraneering Incorporated (a California corporation) on February of 2019. We are located on Technology Drive in the heart of Irvine, California.

We value your safety above all else. In our FDA registered and audited facility, we use current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) always when manufacturing our products.

Our branded products (MediGOLD, MediSILVER, MediCOPPER, and MediDINE) are made from 99.99+% pure Gold, Silver, Copper or Iodine and have become trusted brands worldwide for close to a decade now. Currently, our MediGOLD true colloidal Gold is Amazon’s Choice as is our MediCOPPER true colloidal Copper. 

About Our Founder:

Michael Miller is a biochemist who worked as a NASA scientist in Building 37 (Life Sciences), in the Water and Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L.) at the LBJ Space Center. During his years at NASA, Mr. Miller was part of the research and development team charged with developing a closed loop water recycling and reuse system for the Space Station Freedom. On this team, his focus was water purification through the use of activated carbons / charcoals and treatment of pure water with residual additives to keep it free of biological growth. Subsequent to his time at NASA, Mr. Miller worked as a scientist for Exxon, and later for American Colloid’s subsidiary Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO), where he specialized in modified organo-clays and activated carbons / charcoals.

Currently, Michael holds an equity position with Nutraneering Incorporated – where he is in charge of product development, testing and quality control.


To obtain wholesale pricing on any Nutraneering product, just click on “Wholesale” under “Resources” at the top this page and follow the directions. After registering your company with us as a wholesale account, you many request to use Purchase Orders (P.O.s) and receive Net 30 terms by sending such a request (along with your company bank information, three professional credit references, and your resale certificate) to: credit@nutraneering.com. Nutraneering is continually looking to cut costs and/or improve quality. Potential vendors should introduce themselves by sending an e-mail to: vendors@nutraneering.com. In your e-mail, briefly tell us how you can save us money and/or provide higher quality supplies or services; sell us just enough so that we want to contact you. Every legitimate e-mail will be read and considered.

If you have an all natural product idea and would like to see if Nutraneering is interested in manufacturing the product and getting it sold globally, please send an e-mail to: ideas@nutraneering.com, and make sure not to give too much detailed information. If we are interested, we can gladly sign and honor a non-disclosure agreement and/or confidentiality agreement. Please know that Nutraneering does not purchase intellectual property such as patents, rather we are open to paying inventors (or holders of the rights to legitimate patents) royalties on the sale of products based on the same.

Please direct all general and unsolicited inquiries to: info@nutraneering.com